Raw Food Classes

Raw Food Classes Offered:

Simply Raw Simply Delicious is located in Jacksonville, Fla.  I offer classes in the Jacksonville areas, Atlantic, Neptune Beaches, Ponte Vedra, Mandarin, St. Augustine and Green Cove Springs. 

What you are going to LOVE  about Simply Raw Simply Delicious is that I come into “YOUR” homes and  teach my classes where you are most comfortable!  You can have your  friends and/or family over or we can have a private one on one class that will give you my full undivided attention personally to teach and show you the wonderful benefits of introducing raw living foods into your everyday diet.   It’s so much fun and exciting to learn something new knowing  it is healthy for your body. Your body will  love you for it!

I have several classes I offer and I am excited to create even more as I grow and you express more of what you want to learn.  Classes are a minimum of  2 hours.  You are going to  learn how to create these simple healthy dishes.  One of  the best parts of the class is actually tasting all of the dishes that were created!  You will not be disappointed!

 My Introductory to Raw Foods class is a class I highly recommend to anyone who is brand new to raw or has experimented some with raw foods and want to learn more. It’s a lot of basics that you will find very helpful in your new journey.   You will learn what appliances are necessary and what ones you can do without as you are starting this new journey.  I will give you a list of basic foods and seasonings to add to your pantry that will help you create  great dishes, and we will make  some simple fun dishes to taste and go home with to try yourself.  You are going to walk away with some great information that will help you with your journey to take home.  This is a great starter class, and we can build from here into other levels.

My “Theme” classes are  for those of you who want to move up in your raw food journey and learn some more fantastic dishes.  Love good ol American food?  Mexican food?  Italian food ect…?  Then you will love these classes and will experience some of your favorite food dishes created with raw living healthy foods! 

Children’s classes – Do you have children who are curious about foods?  Would you like to help them make the right choices in what they put into their growing bodies?  This class will encourage them by teaching them how they can get involved in the kitchen and learn to create their own healthy dishes,  it will also teach them some simple quick dishes to help them make better  food choices  that are fun to create!  They will have fun learning new ways to eat healthier and they will get a chance to taste things that they may not be willing to try for you parents. 🙂  

My Juicing class is a wonderful way to introduce healthy beneficial enzymes and nutrients from juicing  into your diet.     The everyday foods that  most of us eat are processed and are hard on our digestive systems, this makes our bodies work extra hard, and when we are fighting an illness as simple as a cold or even as serious as cancer, one of the best things I believe that helps our bodies recuperate is letting our digestive system rest.  This gives your body the chance to  fight the  illness.

Sprouting classes, the how to’s and the why’s on why sprouting is so healthy for you.

Dehydration classes are for the ones who are wanting to move up in the raw living food arena and learn to make delicious crackers, flat breads, cookies and much more….

My classes are $35 a person  in a group setting of a minimum of 5 students for two hours of serious learning,  growing knowledge and having lots of fun which includes all of the ingredients.    I also have clients who prefer my private classes, in these classes you will get the one on one hands on experience, since it is a one on one class we  are able to create a few more dishes than in the group setting.  If you are interested in the private classes please contact me for pricing information at simplyrawsimplydelicious@aol.com

You are going to have a lot of fun learning and experimenting with different and exciting ways to bring healthy foods into you life and you will not leave feeling hungry. 

Please contact simplyrawsimplydelicious@aol.com or call 904-450-1947 for more information

Disclaimer: This is intended to give you information only through my own personal experience. I am not a doctor and this information should not be taken as medical advice. Always consult your physician concerning your health issues and diagnosis.


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